Closing Night Live Panel: Collective Memory, Community Spaces

  • 60 mins

Join us for a live panel discussion following our Closing Night shorts program, Collective Memory, Community Spaces on March 14 at 6:00 pm PST.

Take an intimate look into the past, present, and future of spaces that were born out of resilience and innovation. From the oldest Sikh temple in North America to the final days of an acclaimed New York City restaurant, this program explores the histories, memories, and communities that flourished in these featured Asian American spaces. Experience the warmth and crackling energy of decades-old memories and the tough goodbyes when doors come to a close, and ask yourself — in what ways do the spirits of our communities live on?

Submit your questions 24 hours prior to the panel at

Moderator: Leilani Nishime (SAAFF staff, UW Professor of Communications)


Baljit Sangra (Director, Have You Forgotten Me?)

Janet Chen (Director, Phoenix Bakery)

Akira Boch (Co-director, Atomic Cafe)

Tuyen Thanh (Director, Four Seas/Dynasty Room)

Karen Akada Sakata (Subject/Cast, Bush Garden)