SAAFF Artist Fund Final Projects

March 4, 2021


Pre covid-19, Moonyeka directed LIL BROWN GIRLS CLUB (a movement based mentorship program for young g*rls of color), organized (e)merge: a movement based healing intensive for dance communities and beyond in September 2019; and worked on LOOB**—a multi-disciplinary biomythography/memoir as part of Moonyeka’s 2020 Northwest Film Forum x Velocity Dance Center Dance Film Residency.

Moonyeka’s Project

WALING-WALING ORCHID is a movement incantation that was developed to explore Aswang* allies. Moonyeka deepened their relationship to Waling-Waling during Angela Angel’s Ninunong Gamut class in 2020. A main aralin ng Waling-waling (lesson of Waling-waling) imparts: ️‍️Your divine nature is disruption enough ️‍️ and so many more. You can download the Waling-waling zine at

SAAFF artist grant has supported Moonyeka’s re-mything research around how Aswang and their stories interact in this current timeline. How has Aswang adapted to the socio-poilitical and literally physical landscapes across diaspora, and specifically, here in the city of  Seattle, on Duwamish land? How has their stories evolved over time, and in what ways has those evolution of story been erased? How has their erotic joy and pleasure been centered?

This project will finalize into site-specific projection mapping around the city of 7 different Aswang archetype where audience members can journey through with visual and audio guide, and strangers will stumble upon. There will also be a standalone film available to be seen at festivals and an online premier.

Centering kapwa (a Filipinx cultural knowledge system), this project will  instigate a self-reflection process of viewers’ deep interconnection and relationships they have. Kapwa, loosely translated, speaks to oneself as sky, as stars, wind, water, land – that because I am me, you are you, and because you are you, I am me. It speaks to the energy between us that connects us.

How are we all engaging in re-mything work so that the kapwa bonds between us and ourselves are the most fortified?

*Aswang is an umbrella term for various shape-shifting, mythological, animist, folkloric, “evil” spirits and creatures in Filipino folklore.

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karinyo is a non-binary, mixed media, performance artist & singer-songwriter/producer of Filipinx, Salvadoran & Mexican lineage. karinyo’s work aims to make u feel something honest & question status quo.

karinyo’s project

“When I Was Young” is a mixed media performance piece exploring identity formation and the path of young Diaspora artists in finding and creating language around history and healing through music. 


I first began working on the song and video for “When I Was Young” to confront the cultural loss of my lola during COVID-19. The lyrics explore my struggle as a mixed race Filipino to connect to my identity without being able to speak or understand the languages of my people and without learning about our history in mainstream culture or the education system. The lyrics reflect my journey of putting words to the unspoken: queerness, transness, mixed race identity and cultural loss. I sing in front of footage of my family, performing the Rondalla, shortly after they immigrated from the Philippines. Music, to me, is my way of connecting to my family’s legacy and encouraging storytelling as a way to heal from the loss of our elders and is dedicated to my lola.    


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