DirectHer: Films Made by Women

The future of film is female! These short films by Asian Pacific American women span genres, themes and time. 

In this program

Taku and Mama

Directed by Clarisse Chua

Taku makes masks from the hinoki (cypress) planks that Mama sells in her wood shop. Although it comes at an expense to their livelihood, Mama shows patience and tolerance for Taku’s process of learning to accept himself as he is.


Directed by Stephanie Cheng

Alice has a sexual awakening before ballet class. With heightened senses, she experiences the world anew in the midst of her transformation into a woman.

Dive Bar

Directed by Dorothy Xiao

Having lost her husband two years prior, Leena is stuck in an unending ritual of drinking to excess and longing for lost love. Her teenage daughter, Simone, is her last connection to reality. But Simone has lost Leena to alcoholism long ago.


Directed by Jenny Lee-Gilmore

Growing up in the 1970’s Vancouver, Sammy dreams of playing ice hockey. Despite economic barriers, Sammy’s resourcefulness and focus keeps her love of the game alive.

No One Ever Really Dies

Directed by Anika Kan Grevstad, Mari Young

Jun Takahashi is an 84 year old Japanese man and maverick with an irreverent perspective on life. His puckish approach to old age is the only credential he needs to be the Artistic Director of his fake funeral.

In Passing

Directed by Esther Cheung

Esther Cheung lovingly recreates the essence of urban life in the ’70s in Mong Kok, Kowloon as told to her by her parents. Experience the life of a child in old Hong Kong during the languid days of summer.

Pussy Talk

Directed by Kim Tran

Kate’s date is going well. Until her vagina ruins it.

Detourning Asia/America with Valerie Soe

Directed by Mila Zuo

This cyberpunk academic dive explores how Valerie Soe has used detournement (hijacking and reappropriation of propaganda) as a technique to undermine oppressive imagery of Asian American women in film.

Dates & Times
Broadway Performance Hall

Sun, Feb 23
1:30 pm