Shell Yeah

Directed by Ridge Hirano

It’s freshman year of college and Brandon, a turtle, meets his new dorm mate, Trevor, a dolphin. Even though they had plans to stay in and play videogames, Brandon can’t decline an exclusive invite to a turtles-only fraternity party.


Love Boat Taiwan

Directed by Valerie Soe

Love Boat: Taiwan, a feature-length documentary, looks into of one of the longest running summer programs in the world. Love Boat: Taiwan revisits the program’s participants and explores the history and popularity of this well-known program, which is sponsored by the Taiwanese government and which takes place every summer in Taiwan. Despite its high-minded aspirations that include classes in Mandarin-language study, martial arts, and brush painting, the program’s popularity stems from another source: its reputation as an excellent place for college-aged Taiwanese Americans and other overseas Chinese to hook up and find romance. Because of this, although it does not take on a ship and is landlocked at a conference center in Taipei, the program is more commonly known by its romantic nickname – the Taiwan Love Boat.

Co-presented by: Taiwanese American Professionals – Seattle

Dates & Times
Broadway Performance Hall

Sun, Feb 23
4:00 pm