Happy Cleaners

Directed by Julian Kim, Peter S. Lee

Cast: Charles Ryu, Hyanghwa Lim, Yeena Sung, Yun Jeong, Donald Chang

Mr. and Mrs. Choi own and operate Happy Cleaners, the family dry cleaning business. Mr. Choi has been working at the cleaners for seventeen years, and was fortunate enough to take over the business. Though they have been doing this menial work for many years, they work diligently to support themselves and their children — of whom they have high hopes and aspirations.

The family dry cleaning business – the very source of the family’s income as well as the symbol of all their hopes – is in jeopardy of loss, and the Choi Family members must react. Quickly.

Dates & Times
Broadway Performance Hall

Sun, Feb 23
6:30 pm