A collection of short films worthy of your attention.

Co-presented by AAAWSeattle Art Museum, and Northwest Film Forum

In this program


Directed by Stephanie Cheng

A young girl in Beijing discovers a family secret that shatters her seemingly idyllic world.


Directed by Lareina Joelle

After being stripped of her innocence, a young girl spirals into a world of paranoia as she struggles to cope with her new reality.


Directed by Trevor Jimenez

In 1980s Toronto, surreal dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents.


Directed by Neth Nom

For years, Finn and Natalie walked the same path. But when their time together comes to an end, Finn finds himself lost in a mysterious land. Paralyzed by the fear of moving on, he is at risk of losing himself. Through self-discovery, Finn must gather the strength to forge a new path.


Directed by Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha

Eric, a Korean Canadian adoptee, and his partner Steph are ready to start a family. Because of fertility issues, adoption becomes their only real option. Forced to confront his own struggles with identity and family, Steph encourages Eric to find his birth mother in Korea. Eric is ill-prepared to face what he discovers in the land of his birth.


Directed by Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha

Thrown together by unexpected circumstances, two lonely strangers bond over their heartbreaks. Their unexpected friendship helps them regain their dignity during the holidays in big city Tokyo.