A collection of films that will make you want to call your mom.

Co-presented by Seattle Pro Musica and TrikoneNW

In this program


Directed by RJ Siu

A young Chinese American woman becomes pregnant and struggles with her decision to keep the baby in the face of disapproval from her family and community.


Directed by Kieu-Anh Truong

An African American mother, her teenage son, and their immigrant Filipina tenant form an unorthodox family over quiet moments in their shared kitchen.


Directed by Elisa Oh

Ana’s biggest fear is coming out to her Filipino Catholic mother. But when they need help cleaning a hoarder’s house, Ana enlists her secret girlfriend for the job.


Directed by Katherine Tolentino

Ann has spent her life devoted to her husband Charles. A loyal and religious woman, she takes pride in putting his needs before her own and finds genuine fulfillment as a housewife. But now in their old age, Charles’ ailing health has created more work than she can handle. When their son suggests placing Charles into a nursing home, Ann must evaluate whether to give up her role as caretaker… and face the question of what becomes of her once he’s gone.


Directed by Bruce Hsin-Ta Chiu

Lily, a traditional Chinese woman, will do anything to change her son, Bao, from being gay. But her drastic measures may cost her more than just her relationship with her son.


Directed by Carol Nguyen

When her daughter goes missing, a Vietnamese mother struggles to cope despite the best efforts of her remaining children.

6,000 MILES

Directed by Dawn Suhyun Shim

After 30 years of indifference, an estranged mother decides to participate in her daughter’s passion for photography in an attempt to bridge the 6,000 miles between them.


Directed by Faroukh Virani

When his father passes away, Vijay is forced to return home after a ten year long estrangement and open up to his mother about his sexuality.


Directed by Kelsy Lua

For an immigrant Chinese mother and her American daughter, the language barrier that keeps them apart can also be the catalyst for bring them closer together.


Directed by Sam Chung

A quiet Korean American boy must face his insecurities and others’ doubts as he is unexpectedly thrust into a major role in his school’s play.