Harold And Kumar + 4/20 @ Grand Illusion Cinema

April 11, 2019

Seattle Asian American Film Festival and The Grand Illusion Cinema are proud to present this seminal work in Asian American and stoner cinema!

After Korean American office worker (John Cho) and his Indian American best friend (Kal Penn) smoke some weed, their quest to get burgers at White Castle takes them on an adventure they’ll never forget. Fifteen years after it first premiered, come see the film that launched two sequels and reintroduced the world to Neil Patrick Harris.

“Will seem a classic if you’re stoned, and only slightly less funny if you’re straight.” – Washington Post

“Behind all the Farrelly-esque gross-out humour and Cheech & Chong-isms lies a sensitive little picture with a deftly handled anti-racism-slant.” – Time Out

“…an instant stoner classic.” – Ebert & Roeper

Danny Leiner / 2004, USA
88min / digital


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