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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival



Co-presented by Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority,  InterIM CDAWing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

A collection of short films highlighting the histories and struggles of Chinatowns in Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

In This Program

  1. My. I.D.

    Christopher Woon-Chen / United States / 2017 / Music / 3 mins
    MY I.D. is a karaoke music video honoring the history of resistance within the International District, particularly the contributions made by the Filipino community in the neighborhood.

  2. Forever, Chinatown

    James Q. Chan / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 32 mins
    In FOREVER, CHINATOWN, artist Frank Wong’s exquisitely detailed dioramas of the Chinatown of his childhood serve as portals to the past in a rapidly changing San Francisco.

  3. Paint It Red

    Eva Cohen / Canada / 2017 / Documentary / 55 mins
    In PAINT IT RED, young Chinese Canadian Beverly Ho is dedicated to preserving and continuing Chinese cultural heritage in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Can her efforts, along with other volunteers in the neighborhood, succeed in stemming the rapid proliferation of million dollar condos and pricey cafes?