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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


  1. Marc Chung Protects His Address

    Michael Chan / United States / 2016 / Comedy / 10 mins
    Marc Chung regales his friends Stan and Kyle about the absurd events that led up to his purchasing a pellet gun to protect his address in MARC CHUNG PROTECTS HIS ADDRESS.

  2. Massacre at Hells Canyon

    Kami Horton / United States / 2016 / Documentary, History / 28 mins
    MASSACRE AT HELLS CANYON tells the story of Chinese immigrants who were instrumental in building the American West, but they faced unprecedented legalized discrimination and violence. The US’s worst mass murder of Chinese by whites happened in rural Oregon when a gang of horse thieves killed as many as 34 Chinese gold miners. For over a century, the murders were covered up, and no one was held accountable. Today, the massacre at Hells Canyon is finally being acknowledged.

    Precedes: All Our Father’s Relations

  3. A Matter of Truth

    Steve Nagano / United States / 2017 / Documentary, Japanese American / 10 mins
    A MATTER OF TRUTH serves as an example of how the U.S. government -- through euphemisms, distortions and alternative facts -- attempts to give the wrong impression to its citizenry about the illegal roundup, forced removal, and inhumane incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. The U.S. government’s propaganda film on the evacuation of Japanese Americans to America’s concentration camps is juxtaposed against the testimonies of incarcerees given at the 1981 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians. The film raises the questions of “Who do you believe?” and “What is the truth?”

    Precedes: Resistance at Tule Lake

  4. Midnight Girl

    Christina Yoon / United States / 2017 / Drama / 18 mins
    MIDNIGHT GIRLS tells the story of Kate, a Chinese American high school student, dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault. When she meets a “cam girl” who shows her how to be comfortable with her sexuality, Kate has an unexpected night out that will challenge everything she knows.

  5. Monday

    Dinh Thai / United States / 2017 / Drama / 18 mins
    MONDAY is the first place winner of HBO's inaugural APA Visionaries contest. “What can I get to you?” That’s the question driving a conflicted young hustler who sells everything and anything to make money. As he code-switches through various cliques, he must confront the racism as well as the immorality of his occupation.

  6. My Good Boy

    T. L. Quach / United States / 2016 / Drama / 3 mins
    A single mother tries to calm and understand her son’s troubled mind in A GOOD BOY.

  7. My. I.D.

    Christopher Woon-Chen / United States / 2017 / Music / 3 mins
    MY I.D. is a karaoke music video honoring the history of resistance within the International District, particularly the contributions made by the Filipino community in the neighborhood.

  8. NGUYENing | The Lee Nguyen Story

    Alfonso Bui / United States / 2017 / Documentary, Sports / 22 mins
    NGUYENing | THE LEE NGUYEN STORY tells the story of Lee Nguyen, the footballer son of two nations who traveled the world to find his footing. A teenage soccer phenom, Nguyen skyrockets to stardom, becoming the first ethnic Vietnamese player to represent the U.S. Then, in an unprecedented move, he leaves for Asia, his star fading into obscurity. In a sport defined by winning, his story reminds us that it’s instead how you deal with the unexpected turns of sport and of life that matter most.

  9. Ode

    Camille Chao / France / 2017 / Animated / 3 mins
    Sometimes you just need someone who will fight for you.

  10. Ouro

    Pierre-Jean Le Moel , Eva Jiahui Gao / France / 2016 / Animated / 3 mins
    In OURO, a woman is sacrificed as a gift for the Great Snake. But she will have her chance at revenge.