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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


  1. Bicultural

    Rachel Leyco / United States / 2016 / Drama, LGBT / 15 mins
    Torn between the 'perfect' daughter that her strict traditional family believes her to be and the open-minded free spirit that she is, a second-generation Filipino-American must make a move to declare her identity in BICULTURAL.

  2. The Bridge

    Disha Patel-Webb / United Kingdom / 2017 / Drama / 7 mins
    THE BRIDGE tells the story of Nima, a Hijabi from east London, who is the victim of a horrible hate crime.

  3. The Construct: Female Laborers and the Fight for Equality

    Jalena Keane-Lee / United States / 2017 / Documentary / 24 mins
    THE CONSTRUCT: FEMALE LABORERS AND THE FIGHT FOR EQUALITY follows women day laborers in the context of a rapidly changing Burma. Told through the eyes of San Thi Da, a 20-year old laborer working on construction sites, and Cheery Zahao a human rights activist, The Construct explores the complexity of feminism and opportunity within different socio-economic classes in Yangon, Myanmar.

    Precedes: Spilled Water

  4. Cowboy and Indian

    Sujata Day / United States / 2016 / Drama, Thriller / 8 mins
    When a young Bengali bride collapses in the desert, a cowboy appears out of the sunset and rescues her in COWBOY AND INDIAN.

  5. Dear Mother

    Matthew Kaundart / United States / 2017 / Adoptee, Documentary, Korean American / 5 mins
    In DEAR MOTHER, we see that like thousands of Korean orphans since the 1950s, Kayla Tange was adopted by an American family. She was brought to the U.S. as an infant in 1983. Now in Los Angeles, she works as an exotic dancer and a performance artist. In 2011, Kayla made arrangements through a social worker to meet her birth mother. After traveling to Korea, she was devastated to learn that her birth mother had changed her mind and refused to meet with her. Kayla returned to the US with even more questions and an even heavier heart than before. Kayla hopes this visual letter filmed over the course of a year will help bring her some sort of peace.

  6. Distance

    Zulfiya Hamzaki / United States / 2016 / Documentary, Immigrant / 7 mins
    In DISTANCE, Vandana Kumar left her home country in search of the American Dream. After setting up a successful beauty store in the heart of Palo Alto, she seems to have achieved it. But deep inside, memories of her deceased father haunt her. She reconnects with her mother to relive his presence.

  7. The Dragon Painter

    William Worthington / United States / 1919 / Drama / 53 mins
    THE DRAGON PAINTER is a 1919 silent film starring Sessue Hayakawa, who was the first actor of Asian descent to achieve Hollywood stardom during the silent era of the 1910s and 1920s. Based on the novel by the same name, the film tells the story of a wild artistic genius who becomes a master painter’s disciple. But when the young painter finds love, he loses his artistic gift. With an original score by renowned musician Goh Nakamura, audiences can literally experience this classic film as never before. Goh Nakamura was commissioned by Rob Buscher from the Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest to score the film.

  8. Emma and the Butt

    Carmen Liang & Steven Liang / United States / 2017 / Drama / 3 mins
    A 6-year-old girl named Emma uses her drawing skills to try to help out her father with his money problems and at the same time gain the love and attention she craves.

  9. Every Grain of Rice

    Carol Nguyen / Canada / 2017 / Documentary / 6 mins
    EVERY GRAIN OF RICE explores losing one's culture and identity concentrates on the metaphor of recipes and food. They say it only takes three generations for those of a foreign culture to fully assimilate.

  10. First Generation

    Jeannie Nguyen, Andrew Yuyi Truong / United States / 2017 / Drama / 9 mins
    My-Linh, a young Vietnamese American woman growing up in the 90s, must decide how she fits into the two worlds she inhabits.