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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Anh Hung

Directed by Lelinh Du

Canada / 2017 / Drama, Family / 15 mins


In ANH HUNG, Jenny is a 9-year-old Vietnamese girl growing up first generation in Canada. Her brother Tuan, whom she looks up to as her hero, slowly reveals that he is not who he seems when she secretly disobeys his rule to stay home and joins him for a night out.

Director's Bio

Lelinh Du attended Capilano University for their Motion Picture Arts program and soon after graduating she began working in the industry. She has independently directed and produced music videos, commercials, and short films. Lelinh hopes to achieve recognition as a creative, successful, female director, and produce heart-wrenching films until the day she dies.

Plays in


    A collection of short films worthy of your attention.

    In This Program: Real Artists, Midnight Girl, Anh Hung, Monday, Float

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