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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


  1. Seppuku

    Daryn Ryo Wakasa / United States / 2016 / Experimental, Japanese American / 22 mins
    Mari Yoshimori holds the U.S. record for the fastest 400 meter time in track and field. Shortly before the Olympic trials, she learns that she has a potentially career-threatening torn hamstring. This news crushes her soul. Not listening to her doctor or mother’s advice, Mari keeps training, and pushes herself too far. So far that the powers of nature thrust her into the depths of a psychological purgatory. While there, she meets her spiritual sidekick, Bettari. Petite, cute, and mysterious, she communicates through a handwritten sign as she playfully lures Mari deeper into her domain. Only Mari can decide whether Bettari intends to guide or destroy.

  2. The Seven Steps

    Zac Chia / United States / 2017 / Drama / 15 mins
    THE SEVEN STEPS contemplates marriage customs in the modern world. On her wedding day, Anika reflects upon the good and bad times she's been through with the love of her life. He seems to possess all the qualities of a good husband, so why doesn't she feel ready to go through with it?

  3. Sewing Circle

    Jackie Lee / United States / 2017 / Animated / 6 mins
    In SEWING CIRCLE, love requires sacrifice, but it comes back to you in the end.

  4. The Shuttle

    Lu Han / United States / 2017 / Drama / 15 mins
    An infertile nail salon owner decides to confront her husband, the salon's shuttle driver, whom she suspects of sleeping with one of her employees.

  5. Signature Move

    Jennifer Reeder / United States / 2017 / Drama, LGBT / 79 mins
    The award-winning SIGNATURE MOVE tells the story of Zaynab, a Pakistani Muslim woman who finds romance with the free-spirited Mexican American woman Alma, and also inspiration through Lucha Libre wrestling. Her newfound passions force her to confront her relationship with her recently widowed mother whose great escapes include watching soap operas and finding her daughter a husband. Zaynab must navigate all of her desires and identities in this heart-warming, hilarious, and painfully familiar coming of age story.

  6. Space Butthole

    David Chai / United States / 2017 / Animated / 8 mins
    In the annals of mankind, we will realize that humans have been mistreating Mother Nature for far too long. It was only a matter of time before the universe blasted back. Watch SPACE BUTTHOLE to experience a warning from the deepest bowels of the galaxy. Can humanity squeeze out a solution before it goes to pot? Don’t stall to find out!

  7. Spilled Water

    May May Tchao / United States / 2014 / Documentary / 53 mins
    Decades after emigrating to the United States, May May returns to China and explores the very different lives of four women: a young rural farmer who, against all odds, became a teacher; a successful lawyer in a male-dominated profession; a divorced factory worker struggling to brighten her daughter’s future; and an ethnic minority singer torn between her dreams, and her responsibilities as a peasant's wife. Through their intimate stories, SPILLED WATER shows us why gender equality in China is so hard-earned, and worth the struggle.

    Preceded by: The Construct: Female Laborers and the Fight for Equality

  8. Tidal Waves

    Kristina Wong / Canada / 2016 / Drama / 9 mins
    TIDAL WAVES follows Riley, a young dancer struggling with scoliosis. A once triumphant and passionate dancer, Riley must now come to terms with the fact that she can no longer dance after undergoing a surgery to correct her spine. Now in recovery, her mother tries to steer her in a different direction while her doctor enrolls her in water therapy to help relieve her physical and mental pain.

  9. Tough

    Jennifer Zheng / United Kingdom / 2016 / Animated, Documentary / 5 mins
    TOUGH tells the story of a Chinese mother and her British-born daughter speaking as adults for the first time. It sheds light on childhood cultural misunderstandings. With this newfound maturity, connections begin to form.

  10. Violet and June

    Linnea Ritland / Canada / 2017 / Comedy / 6 mins
    VIOLET AND JUNE tells a story of falling love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.