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2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Alice At The Store

Directed by Christopher Woon-Chen

United States / 2017 / Documentary / 18 mins


In ALICE AT THE STORE, 92-year old Alice Eng goes everyday to the pub across the street, which used to be her store. Her family struggles with the realities of providing for her care as she ages and her dementia progresses. All she really wants is to be at home.

Director's Bio

Chris Woon-Chen is a Seattle-based, California-born documentary filmmaker and musician. He enjoys spotlighting stories of off the grid subjects, and especially Asian Americans and Hip Hop. His past work includes AMONG B-BOYS, a feature-length documentary about Hmong American youth and their ties to the b-boy/breakdance community, and the short documentaries BEWARE THE BOOGEYMAN and FREAKS DON’T SLEEP, about the “Freak Brothers,” two misfits in the b-boy/breakdance community who became Brazilian Jiu Jitsu prodigies.

Plays in


    A collection of short films highlighting the untold stories of Seattle.

    In This Program: The Legacy of Linc’s Tackle, Alice At The Store, Highpoint Summer, Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max

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