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2017 Seattle Asian American Film Festival



    Nick Spark / Features / United States / 2015 / Documentary / 80 mins
    Born without arms as the result of a severe birth defect, Jessica Cox believed that she could still accomplish her dreams. An expert martial artist, college graduate and motivational speaker, Jessica is also the world's only armless airplane pilot, a mentor, and an advocate for people with disabilities. Directed by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Nick Spark, Right Footed chronicles Jessica's amazing story of overcoming adversity and follows her over a period of two years as she becomes a mentor for children with disabilities and their families, and a disability rights advocate working in the U.S. and abroad. Co-presented by: Seattle Adaptive Sports.


    Tay and Val / Features / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 54 mins
    Ever wondered how the Chop Suey combo came about? How many ingredients are there in a Toisanese Joong? What's a joong anyway? Which came first, pasta or Chinese noodles? How did they ever insert those fortunes into the fortune cookies? Who eats picked pomelo peels? Miss Bakery Mon Hei's famous cocktail buns? Join host Val Tan as she travels through 100 years of Seattle Chinatown International District (CID) in search of "A Taste Of Home, " the only documentary anthology featuring five of the oldest Chinese American food establishments in the SCID. See this neighborhood in a whole new perspective. Feast on delicious dishes innovated by its founding immigrants. Let's explore the unique flavors of Seattle Chinatown International District, and find your taste of home. Co-presented by: SCIDPDA and InterIM CDA. ** Your ticket to this screening gets you into the Opening Night Party, which kicks off at SIFF Cinema Egyptian immediately following the films.



    Lena Khan / Features / United States / 2016 / Comedy / 94 mins
    The story of Sami Malik (Danny Pudi), a young Indian who travels to 1970s America to become an engineer in order to impress his childhood crush and live up to the legacy of his father—a legendary tiger hunter back home. When Sami's job falls through, he takes a low-end job and joins a gang of oddball friends in hopes of convincing his childhood sweetheart that he's far more successful than he truly is…or perhaps ever could be.

  4. TYRUS

    Pamela Tom / Features / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 77 mins
    Tyrus is Pamela Tom’s award-winning tour-de-force documentary about 105-year old Guangzhou-born, L.A.-based visual artist, Tyrus Wong, and his breathtaking scope of work across multiple artistic media and his personal and professional journey navigating racial bigotry in 20th century America. Seventeen years in the making, Tom’s film makes meticulous use of Tyrus Wong’s exquisite art, archival footage, illuminating interviews and commentary from Wong himself to document how his unique style, melding Chinese calligraphic and landscape influences with contemporary Western art, helped the Disney animated film, Bambi (1942) specifically, and early Hollywood in general establish their signature visual styles. TYRUS, the film, makes a critical contribution to the documentary tradition and to American society in correcting a historical wrong by spotlighting this seminal but heretofore under-credited figure. Co-presented by: The Wing Luke Museum and OCA Seattle

    Preceded by: SOAR


    Dinesh Sabu / Features / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 56 mins
    When he was six years old, Dinesh Sabu's parents died. Raised by his siblings, he had little idea who his parents were or where he came from. Now as an adult with a burning curiosity, Dinesh sets out on a journey across the United States and India to piece together their story. Uncovering a silenced family history of mental illness, Dinesh confronts the legacy of having a schizophrenic mother who died by suicide, the reality of growing up an orphaned immigrant, and the trauma of these events. Can he reconcile these truths all while living in the specter of mental illness?

    Precedes: SONG ON CANVAS