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2017 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


Directed by Patrick Green

Shorts / United States / 2016 / Action, Misc. / 6 mins


A colorful day in the secret life of a budding graffiti artist.

Director's Bio

Patrick Green (Writer/Director) – Patrick has written for TV, film and video game projects for director Tony Scott and screenwriter Vincent Ngo (Hancock). He most recently sold a film pitch to producers Tom Pellegrini (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) and Scott Prisand (Rock of Ages) and directed four branded content shorts featuring Chef Ludo Lefebvre and famed photographer Estevan Oriol for the ID Agency. He has an MFA in Screenwriting from Cal State Northridge where he was also an associate professor.

Steve Tirona (Director) – Steve is a photographer whose photos have appeared in Time, Vogue and LACMA. The Art Center grad has done ad work for Columbia Pictures and Epic Records, while also directing music videos and commercials in his native Philippines.



    Tad Nakamura / Features / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 67 mins
    MELE MURALS is a feature documentary about the transformative power of modern graffiti art and ancient Hawaiian culture for a new generation of Native Hawaiians. At the center of the story are two renowned street artists - Estria Miyashiro (aka Estria) and John Hina (aka Prime) - a group of Native Hawaiian youth, and the rural community of Waimea. Set against the resurgence of Hawaiian language and culture of the past twenty years, Estria and Prime tell how their street art has taken them on personal journeys to discover their history, identity and responsibilities as Hawaiian people. Through the stories of these two graffiti artists and their joint quest to uphold Hawaiian culture through mural-making, MELE MURALS shows how public art rooted in underground graffiti unexpectedly but powerfully fuses with Native Hawaiian traditions and contemporary life to impact the students, the town of Waimea, and most of all the artists. Co-presented by: The Vera Project and YouthCAN at the Wing.

    Preceded by: ROOTS RAPP 2 – POU JACKSON, TAG

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