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2017 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


Directed by Cathy Uchida

Shorts / United States / 2016 / Documentary / 25 mins


A short documentary about the Japanese Americans who, upon returning from the internment camps, found no one willing to hire them. Due to their resourcefulness, they made their mark as dutiful and caring gardeners.

Director's Bio

Cathy Uchida was born in Osaka, Japan, to a Kibei Nisei (2nd generation Japanese-American educated in Japan) father and a Japanese-Canadian Nisei mother. She is a retired high school science teacher who currently volunteers at the Koban (public information office, mainly for lost/interested tourists to Little Tokyo and Los Angeles). Together with her border collie dog, Lali, Cathy makes weekly visits to the residents at Keiro Nursing Home in Boyle Heights.

Her favorite TV stations are PBS (particularly the Masterpiece Theater series) and NHK World. She has a long bucket list that changes with her mood and physical condition, but currently and most pressing are a road trip across America including Route 66, going to a Dodgers’ World Series game, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (before the glaciers melt and the knees go bad!). Next year, she may have an opportunity to hike the El Camino De Santiago trail starting in Spain!