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2017 Seattle Asian American Film Festival


Directed by Jon Bling

Features / Australia, Vietnam / 2016 / Drama / 88 mins


A young nurse must travel back to her homeland to attend her father’s funeral. Her family sends a suitor to escort her back to her home town. Along the way, both of them not only learn about themselves but each other. For her, trying to learn the old traditions is hard enough and a deep dark secret hangs over him.

Co-presented by: Xin Chao Magazine and Our Sông – Vietnamese-American Oral History Project

Director's Bio

Jon Bling is a filmmaker. Nothing more. Nothing less. From humble beginnings in high school where a video camera was never out of sight, he has spent the last 10 years honing his craft. Working on many projects such as experimental short films, international music videos and numerous commercials, his first foray into feature film was a long time coming. “Never Forget” was his passion project, and he is honoured that this is his feature film debut.

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