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2015 Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Shorts on Struggle (FREE)

Shorts on Struggle (FREE)

Northwest Film Forum Screen 2 (small theater)
February 15, 2015 12:00 pm First come, first served


A collection of shorts including Give It Up, The Boy Under the Piano, My Brother, Midday Crisis, and A Clean UA.

Co-Presented by: ACRS

Post Screening Panelists:

Vu Pham, Director, My Brother
Jeff Man, Director, Midday Crisis

In This Program

  1. A Clean UA

    Peter Phan / Short Film / USA / 2013 / Documentary / 25 mins
    A Clean UA is a documentary short by the Southeast Asian Young Men's Group. The film follows Peter, a 17-year-old Vietnamese American youth, as he decides to quit marijuana. Using a hand held camera, Peter journals the challenges of his path to recovery while exploring the benefits of being sober.

  2. Give it up

    Justin Tan / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Drama/Comedy / 5 mins
    Juxtaposing a comic's life on and offstage, GIVE IT UP explores the pain behind his comedy. After a brutal breakup, an amateur comedian copes using comedy in more ways than one. His story is a reminder that behind every joke lies a dark truth.

  3. The Boy Under the Piano

    Philippa Wong / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Drama / 10 mins
    18 year-old Alfie, an autistic teen, struggles to find his place in his large immigrant Chinese family. Having endured years of ridicule, his family is about to receive the surprise of their lifetime as Alfie finally sets out to find his own voice.

  4. My Brother

    Vu Pham / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Drama / 24 mins
    A Vietnamese-American man wrestles with his ambivalent and estranged relationship to a mentally ill half-brother. On the brink of a personal crisis, Michael visits his surrogate father, Henry. Their conversations tease out mysteries of Michael’s past and push him toward a haunting reunion with Khanh on the streets of Portland.

  5. Midday Crisis

    Jeff Man / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Drama / 12 mins
    MIDDAY CRISIS takes place on a sunny weekend afternoon when a frustrated and depressed young man named Daniel, sitting alone in his room, comes to grips with all his problems when calls and opens up to a suicide hotline operator.

Dates & Times

Shorts on Struggle (FREE)

Northwest Film Forum Screen 2 (small theater)
February 15, 2015 12:00 pm First come, first served