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2015 Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Animated, Horror, and Sci-Fi Shorts (FREE)

Animated, Horror, and Sci-Fi Shorts (FREE)

Northwest Film Forum Screen 2 (small theater)
February 14, 2015 9:00 pm First come, first served


A collection of shorts including Behind My Behind, Jimmy Loves Juice, Steadfast Stanley, I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost, Happy Fun Room, H7N3, and Vimana

Post Screening Panelists:

Faroukh Virani, Director, Vimana

In This Program

  1. Jimmy Loves Juice

    Dave Yee / Short Film / USA / 2013 / Animation / 5 mins
    A normal day in the park for young Jimmy turns into a wild affair when he puts down his usual carton of milk and takes his first sip of juice. He instantly falls in love with the sugary beverage, but discovers that the sweet taste comes at a price.

  2. Steadfast Stanley

    John Kim / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Animation / 4 mins
    Stanley the Pembroke Welsh corgi is left behind during the break of an apocalypse. The smoke rises from the city as an epidemic sweeps across the nation. Now he will move his stubby little legs as fast as he can to reunite with his beloved owner.

  3. I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

    David So / Short Film / USA / 2013 / Horror comedy / 7 mins
    After a casual encounter, David So's boring night goes from hopeful to deadly. After being courted then stood up, our protagonist is haunted by a mysterious ghost who's out for blood. David proves to the ghost that he is not afraid.

  4. Happy Fun Room

    Greg Pak / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Comedy / 14 mins
    In the near future, the host of a once-popular kid's TV show clashes with her child co-stars when she realizes that the world's changed and the show's messages may no longer apply. Starring Cindy Cheung and produced for the ITVS Futurestates series.

  5. H7N3

    Iris K. Shim / Short Film / USA / 2013 / Thriller / 11 mins
    Dr. Lyon struggles with his professional obligations as he attempts to diagnose a little girl's alarming symptoms on the eve of a viral outbreak. Perturbed by Viola's increasingly unsettling behavior, Dr. Lyon must decide between sending the little girl away to quarantine or discover the truth behind her sickness.

  6. Vimana

    Faroukh Virani / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Sci-fi / 17 mins
    Set in the near future, three Indian astronauts are on a one-way trip to a distant planet, Gliese 581g. Unfortunately, the ship's captain passes away after an adverse reaction to the hyper-sleep. Now it's up to the two remaining astronauts to land the vessel in his memory.

  7. Behind my Behind

    David Chai / Short Film / USA / 2014 / Animation / 4 mins
    A disheartened Earnest Knapp learns that the things he holds most dear are often just a buttcheek away.

Dates & Times

Animated, Horror, and Sci-Fi Shorts (FREE)

Northwest Film Forum Screen 2 (small theater)
February 14, 2015 9:00 pm First come, first served