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One short experimental film followed by documentary feature, Raskal Love.

Post screening panelists:

Christopher Woon, Director of One Voice/One Drum. Christopher is multigenerational Chinese American from the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, His first feature documentary Among B-Boys, is about the intersections of the B-Boy/Breakdance and Hmong American communities. Boasting a BA and MA in Asian American studies from UCLA, he is a former VC Armed With A Camera fellow (2004) and CAAM James T. Yee mentorship fellow (2006).

Byron Q, Director of Raskal Love. Byron Q studied at the University of California, San Diego. Bang Bang, his first feature film, was also shot on-location in San Diego, and won a Special Jury Prize for Best First Feature, Narrative, at the 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Vanna Fut, featured in Raskal Love.

Co-presented by: 206 Zulu and WAPI Community Services

In This Program

  1. Raskal Love

    Byron Q / Documentaries / USA / 2012 / Documentary / 85 mins
    Vanna Fut AKA Lazy overcomes great adversities to pursue dreams in the Arts- becoming a pioneering b-boy in the Seattle Hip Hop scene during the 90s, to becoming an actor. This is the inspiring true story of a man who has the will to pursue his dreams against all odds.

  2. OneVoiceOneDrum

    One Voice/One Drum

    Christopher Woon / Shorts / USA / 2013 / Documentary / 5 mins
    An audio/visual collaboration between acclaimed percussionist PC Munoz, rapper DEM ONE, and filmmaker Christopher Woon. A stirring call to action, riveting contemporary visual document, and arresting minimalist musical statement all at once, created with the most basic of tools: lone voice, solitary drum, and stark black and white footage.

Dates & Times


Ark Lodge Cinemas Screen 2
February 8, 2014 1:00 pm